A Voice Coach Imperative
To strategically develop women's voices in business.


Our daily experience in our studio and in corporate boardrooms is that women are still battling to have their voice heard at the table. Male modes of communication still dominate and male voices are still favoured.

Over 12 years of developing women's voices in business, we see too often that short term initiatives to raise women’s voices deliver short term results.

A Strategic Voice - A Voice Coach Partnership

Our 12 month program is designed to accountably raise women's voices by engaging key stakeholders to champion and assimilate women’s communication styles into business.

Over the program you will:

- Work with a small cohort of women as a group and also individually over 12 months
- Nominate stakeholders to champion you in raising your voice in the business
- Use sustainable approach to integrating your voice powerfully in the business
- Understand the vocal rules in your business and how your voice is received
- Develop skills to navigate being heard in your business
- Understand how to expand your voice and presence when speaking
- Forge opportunities to speak to the business and the industry