Voice of Influence Survey

Thank you for testing our new Voice of Influence Survey. We really appreciate your time and ideas.

For your context

We have designed this survey as a new Voice Coachproduct. It aims to assist heads of business units within large corporate businesses measure the influential capacity of their teams when they speak internally to other business units or externally to clients.

For example, our key target client for this survey might be:

  • The CEO, CFO , COO of a large business, or
  • The Head of Diversity at Commonwealth Bank, or
  • The Head of Retail Banking at Westpac, or
  • The Head of Legal and Compliance at QBE, or
  • A Partner of a Law Firm, etc

The Problem

Frequently, we work with people in technical business units who are hired primarily for their technical ability. However, when they have to deliver their technical expertise in a spoken communication they often undermine their value to the business with a poor ability to engage and influence when speaking.

The Intention

This survey is designed to give leaders a real measure of:

  • Who has the voice in the business?
  • Are these voice being influential, undermining or a hindrance?
  • Are they the people we want taking up the air time of clients?
  • Are there any voices that are missing?
  • What is the vocal culture of my business?

The Outcome

At the end of the survey, Voice Coach will provide a report to the business head with an executive summary of the key findings in the scores and also detailing the scores of each respondent. Each respondent will also get their own one page report detailing their scores.

Our Request of You in Testing this Survey

Once you are inside the survey, you will see that there is space at the end of each page for any comments you might like to make about that page.
Please answer the questions as you, but do keep in mind who the people are who will be doing this in the real world.

We would really appreciate your honest, 'don't hold back' feedbackon:

  • The validity of the questions singly and as a group
  • The design of the survey: visually and logically
  • The logic and flow
  • Its purpose
  • Anything we have missed
  • Anything at all


Please click here to access the survey.
The password is voicecoach

Good Luck!