Voice Coach has trained
court advocates for
9 years
in 5 jurisdictions
over 14 intensive mock trial courses alongside faculties of
silks and judges.



No theatrics.
No irrelevant acting exercises.

Deep, transformative performance techniques to persuade
the judge or jury within the
limitations of the courtroom.



Lucy Cornell has built a
specialized, international
performance coaching faculty
of 6 coaches who are sensitive
to the requirements of
performance in court.


Justice Johann Kriegler

Former Constitutional Court and Appeal Court Judge, South Africa

Your contribution to the success of Wallenberg (South Africa) left an indelible impression on all who attended. For me this was not only because of your personal dynamism and the obvious success of your interventions, but also and more particularly because I have long maintained that the oral presentation of a case is an important yet generally underrated aspect of advocacy.

Of course, these techniques can be taught, as you have shown. Voice and performance coaching should in my view form an integral part of all advocacy training, especially in jurisdictions such as my own where English is the language of the courts but not of the majority of the Bar.  

In me, you have an enthusiastic, if not fanatical, supporter.

Edwin Glasgow CBE QC

Past Chairman UK Advocacy Training Council
Past President International Advocacy Training Council

As Chairman of the UK Advocacy Training and as President of the International Advocacy Training Council I have had the pleasure of working with Lucy Cornell on 11 advocacy training courses, in 4 different jurisdictions over the past 9 years.

She makes an inspirational and invaluable contribution to every course in which she participates.  She is not only technically quite outstanding as a performance coach but has a deep understanding of the philosophy which underlines the purpose and ethics of advocacy and has inexhaustible inter-personal skills and is hugely popular with all members of all the training faculties which she has joined and all the advocates, both young and old, with whom she has worked. She has transformed, immeasurably, the quality of the training that we have been giving.


Voice & Performance Skills Workshop



8th & 15th November, 5 - 7pm

4 CPD Points

Advocacy Strand


NSW Bar Common Room

Open to

12 Barristers



Session 1 | Opening Address and Closing Submission
With Lucy Cornell and Christina Koch

- Story telling appropriate for the courtroom
- Physical and vocal presence
- Managing speech and vocal mannerisms
- Using gesture
- Controlling your content and your audience
- Staying calm under pressure

Session 2 | Examination of witnesses
With Christina Koch

- Listening to the witness
- Controlling the rhythm in examination
- Buying time to think and navigate
- Keeping the Judge in the communication
- Managing nerves
- Personalized feedback

Lead Facilitators

Lucy Cornell, Founder of Voice Coach
Christina Koch, Lead Voice Coach, Sydney


$600 + GST per person